What can you do with Fixii PRO?

Or simply put, how it can benefit your business (HVAC and Plumbing currently)
Acquire new customers

Acquire new customers

And you get to keep all the $$$ for any repairs

Fixii PRO chatbot will connect you real-time (think Uber) with homeowners needing a repair (pipe burst, furnace broken, etc.) for a diagnostic visit.

Acquire new customers

Get extra work

No more idle hours being wasted

Want another call today? Just make yourself available and Fixii PRO chatbot will ensure you or your staff are always busy by instantly sending you (them) new customers.

Acquire new customers

Join the Elite

Fixii PRO works only with Top professionals

Be part of an elite, vetted team that can truly say (and brag why not?) they are in the top 10% of all HVAC and Plumbing service providers in their geographical region.

How Fixii PRO chatbot works?

If you’re an HVAC and/or Plumbing professional, you just need to make sure you have the Facebook Messenger app
Acquire new customers

Get the Messenger app

Chances are you already have it!

Fixii PRO chatbot works within the Messenger app. If you have it, you don’t need to install any Fixii PRO app. Just follow the next step.

Acquire new customers

Tap below to get started

It’s that easy

You’ll be taken directly to the Fixii PRO chatbot in a Messenger app (mobile or web depending on the device you are currently using).

Shape Message Me
Acquire new customers

Say Hi!

Or tap on “Get started” if you’re on mobile

Once the conversation starts, Fixii PRO chatbot will guide you through the creation of your business profile and show you how to get new customers.

Fixii PRO chatbot features

All the awesome functionality to get your job done and grow your business

Game changing service

Requests come with an enormous potential, revenue wise

Getting incoming diagnostic requests in real-time is a game changer for your business. Each one of those diagnostic requests is an emergency call that can require repairs and parts worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Best part? We don't take any cut, it's all yours!

Incoming calls

Availability on your terms

You're 100% in the driver's seat

You decide on your availability. Go online and get new customers when it fits you. Whether you're in between scheduled jobs or you want to get an extra revenue for the day. It's up to you!

Incoming calls

Customer support that works

We made sure you'll get help whenever you need it

Instant 24/7 support. Getting an immediate help from Fixii PRO support operators is as easy as adding a @support tag in your text message to the bot.

Incoming calls

Happy customers guaranteed

Powerful ratings and reviews engine at your fingertips

Complete and detailed insight into yours and your employees' reviews and ratings. Spot problematic behavior before it gets out of control and hurts your business reputation. Make sure all your employees are delivering A-jobs in the field.

Incoming calls

Try before you buy

PRO plan comes with a hefty 30 days trial period

30 days free trial with the provision of the credit card. Cancel any time before the free trial expires to quit the service and close your account, no questions asked. If you leave, we failed to make the service work for you. We'll try harder.

Incoming calls

Fixii PRO support

Needless to say, “we’ve got your back”. Just text the PJ chatbot and it’ll get the message to our operators

1 plan

No fuss, no hidden fees AND free trial. As simple and easy as it can get.

$ 49

  • per user per month

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Founder’s note

Dear HVAC/Plumbing professional, The business model of home-services is antiquated.

I know this firsthand as both a Millenial homeowner and as an owner of large Heating and Air Conditioning company in St. Louis. As a homeowner, I hate having to wait at home all day for a “service window.” I hate not knowing when exactly and who will show up at my home.

As a service professional, I can’t stand the “boom and bust” nature of our industry. I deplore the “fly-by nighters” that give the truly elite a bad name. I hate how fragmented our marketing channels have become. And I hate the crazy hours traditionally associated with our industry.

Fixii PRO is the answer.

With Fixii PRO homeowers can simply find truly vetted, elite service pros (YOU), choose one based on homeowner’s reviews and past work, and book immediately on their mobile devices. All in one seamless experience.

We are bringing our team’s experience in both technology and home services together for the benefit of both homeowners and service professionals.

As a service pro, wouldn’t it be so nice to set your own hours and availability?

Maybe you work for a large company, and are tired of the boom and bust months and the high cost of new customer acquisition.

Fixii PRO helps you find new clients, ready to make a repair, at no cost to you. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Charge your own prices, keep the clients you serve. No muss, no fuss.

I know our team has already moved the bar and we will keep doing so! We are 100% committed to making Fixii PRO better, every single day.

We’d love for you to give Fixii PRO a try by clicking/tapping here to get started!
First 30 days are FREE and should you wish so, you can cancel any time.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us either @support on Fixii PRO or email us at support@fixiipro.com


AvatarZachary R. Silverstein
Founder, CEO

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